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The initial steps towards twinning were taken back in 1979, with the first visit (from Llandeilo to Le Conquet) occurring in 1980, from when the Association dates its history.  That makes us the oldest twinning association in Carmarthenshire, although there are others in Wales which go back much earlier.

Some of our members have been in the Association from the start, and so we are lucky to have a wealth of knowledge and records to draw on.  Some snippets of times gone by are below.

20191209_Le Conquet.jpg

It's official!

The first visit, as reported in Le Conquet's local paper.

Being in France, the food for the first formal dinner was evidently very good, with menus provided in French and English.

19800518 Twinning Dinner Menu French.jpg
19800518 Menu English_Page_1.jpg

The following year, we pushed the boat out for the first visit of our guests to Llandeilo.

19810528 South Wales Guardian_Page_1.jpg
20191209_CIVIC SERVICE.jpg
20191209_PROGRAN_N_E OF
20191209_PROGRAN_N_E OF

To mark the 20th anniversary, we received the bouy which is still on the roundabout - although the trees have grown a bit now...


10 years later, we gave Le Conquet its very own red phone box, which was well received 

2010 Phonebox 3.jpg
2010 Phonebox 2.jpg

Over the years, there has been plenty of opportunity to.....

Breton dancing.jpg

20191209_017.jpg off our National costumes, which is always nice....


...well, almost always....

...but above all, make long lasting friends.

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